Optimizing your product listing’s performance is crucial to increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, generating more buyers, and increasing revenue.

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Checks Every Detail

We assess each and every element of all of your product listings and distill our findings into a report that includes your listing score and results.

An in-depth analysis covers every possible issue that could damage your listing’s health.

Keyword Analysis

You customers cannot find your products if they’re not optimized with the right keywords.

We review your existing keywords and gather a list of  highly relevant keywords to boost your listing’s visibility.

Title Description

Your product title is the most valuable real estate on your listing and it plays an important role in determining whether a buyer clicks on your listing.

We’ll help you better optimize your product titles to attract more leads by analyzing your title and recommending keywords that will enable you to create product titles that entice your audience to click on your listing and check out your product.

Feature Description

Ultimately, your feature description need to sell your product.

We analyze your product features to determine how unique and persuasive they are compared to your competitors. We also grade the feature description on its ability to explain the uses and benefits of your product. Our grader also determines if the information in your feature description are most relevant to your buyers.

Product Description

Our Grader reviews your feature description to look for clarity of benefits, usage, and why buyers should buy from you rather than your competitors.

We grade the language used to see how it suits your audience and also highlight how you can make it easier for potential buyers to read the description to highlight key information that would lead to purchases.

Image Analysis

Your product images create the first impression, so it’s essential to have the most effective images possible.

Our image quality checker evaluate the quality of your images to ensures your images make your products stand out and get your buyers’ attention.

Prioritized Tasks

Our Listings Report includes a detailed breakdown of which parts of your listings are in need of attention.

We also highlight the most urgent issues, so you always know what to fix first. If you need more assistance, just reach out and we’ll give you a helping hand.

Best Practice Recommendations

The Amazon Listing Grader also provides recommendation to optimize your Amazon listings in a way that generates the best conversions.

These recommendations are based on Amazon best practice, listing standard, and our years of expertise helping brands just like yours.


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